Thank you for your interest in forming a culinary partnership featuring products from Pemberton Meat Company.

We are a family business growing free-range and zero hormone meat in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows and Birken Valley. We raise our poultry and lamb at our 5-acre homestead on Pemberton Farm Road, and the pigs move between our 118 acre Gates Creek Ranch, located just past Birken.

In addition to growing healthy meat products, we operate a Pemberton-based processing facility under a Class-D license. This gives us the unique advantage of offering your restaurant meats processed in the SLRD Agricultural Zone, of which benefits include; a sustainable footprint, lower delivery costs, and ultra-fresh quality meats for your patrons to enjoy. 


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Jenna LeBlanc
Tel 604-698-6738


DISCLAIMERS: Photos are representative of the products we sell. All our animals are raised naturally on our farm in a free-range environment. Prices per pound are subject to change. All weights are approximate and total cost will be determined at time of processing. You may specify the approximate weight of your animal and if it is available, we will do our best to fill your request. *Where applicable, a processing fee is added to cover slaughter and clean, disposal of all entrails and unusable products, and 2 days of cooler hanging.