We are a family owned and operated farming and meat producer located in beautiful Pemberton British Columbia.

Alan LeBlanc

Farmer Alan started raising pigs for his family and friends over 10 years ago on the homestead where many of the Pemberton Meat Company animals are raised today. About five years ago, Alan decided that he wanted to expand his once-a-year grass roots operation into something a little larger. He began speaking with some of BC’s small batch food processors and packagers, with whom he had already established excellent relationships, and Pemberton Meat Co. was born.  Alan has a love for all animals, the outdoors, and cooking. One of his favorite pastimes is having friends over to the log house for a feast… usually prepared by himself and his foody sidekick Keith. Alan’s mantra… to always be “outstanding in his field”.


Jenna LeBlanc

Jenna, Alan’s daughter, is a born and raised Pemberton country girl. She joined Pemberton Meat Co. in Spring 2020 and works closely with her father to maintain excellent quality, service, and help manage our valuable inventory. With an eye for detail, strong work ethic, and kind personality, Jenna is the one who you’ll meet on deliveries or pick-ups and you’ll call for help. As long as she is not floating or fishing on the lake, she’ll always be available to assist with your orders and answer all your questions.